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am bill o'reilly please rer the spin stops right here because we are definitely -- please remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> everybody feels that frustration right now. i feel eight cutely. >> the calendar is running out on capitol hill democrats facing dreary predictions. >> the key is to keep moving forward. >> in is why the american people are furious. >> people have a right to be and disappointed. >> going there not to be part of the establishment. >> we've turned the political system on its head. >> is this what we want in the senate in nevada, alaska or delaware? >> we have to end the era of
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borrowing and spending. >> we are in this fight. >> this is not your father's republican party. this is a different breed of cat. >> if republicans win the majority in november it will not be business as usual. >> democrats are going to do well. >> primaries are over we agree we are going to beat the democrats november 2nd. >> everyday is one day closer to making sure we restore the american dream. >> sean: with just 36 days before the midterms, a number of races once considered safe for democrats are looking like they could be in play for the gop. we continue in the blue state of connecticut where the republican senate candidate continues to close the gap linda mcmahon now trails connecticut attorney general richard blumenthal by only five points this is the closest that race has been since may when blumenthal's campaign was reeling from allegations that he lied about
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his service in vietnam. another race we are watching is in massachusetts. a stunning new poll has governor patrick leading his republican opponent charlie baker by only a single point. as we saw earlier this year with scott brown's come from behind victory, anything is possible even in the bluest of blue states. that includes california, where the longtime ultra liberal senator barbara boxer is in the fight for her political life. now the left leaning san francisco chronicle has announced for the first time it will not endorse boxer, saying she's responsible for "18 years of uninspired representation." not a ringing endorsement. here with us a author of 2010 take back america, dick morris. welcome back, good to see you. you are in pennsylvania toomey still up by eight points
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there. wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio, certainly a bellwether for what we can expect in 36 days? >> absolutely. i'm here in pennsylvania. i was campaigning for kim burns who lost the special election to critz for murtha's seat now he's five points ahead. i think in pennsylvania we will pick up six additional house seats. i think burns will win. bar let toe will defeat juror ski. argyle will defeat holden. we are looking at a wipe out of the democratic establishment in this state. all over the country. what i just did is i counted in all the public polls, how many districts a republican challenger is leading a democratic incumbent. 54, the same total we won in
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'94. there are another 19 where the democrat is under 50 and the republicans within five points. that is 73 seats, sean. >> sean: you think this could be -- look, i'm more cautiously optimistic than you. i don't want to dampen people's enthusiasm, as if i could. i think the intensity is as great as i've
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we're targeting another 25 seats that have not been in play because i think we can reach 100 seats. >> you're talking about a political earthquake, the likes of which the country has not seen. you're looking for, you wrote a column about new york. and rick lazio is now getting off the conservative ticket that. race someone called "new york times" over the weekend you've got kirsten gillebrand only up by one point z you say as many as nine house seats in new york can change hands? >> right. in the senate race, aegts states where republicans are leading in districts and states now represented by democrats. the ninth is nevada. i'm working that race intently. i guarantee, sean, harry reid
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isn't coming back. within of the -- one of the reasons is the sup or port your. >> viewers have given. there are five shots at a contested tenth seat. california, washington, connecticut, new york and delaware. >> sean: which is interesting and there has been a six-point shift just in a couple days in delaware. let's go through this very, very carefully. you think russ finegold is going lose in wisconsin? you think blanch lincoln is gone in arkansas. you think bob portman is going to win in ohio. you think pat toomey is going win in pennsylvania. you think barbara boxer... >> i rebuke by the san francisco chronicle? >> i think it's going to be a victory for fiorina. >> sean: and patty murray in washington? >> patty murray go go either way. roxy has gotten his act
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together in the last couple days and is out there answering patty murray's charges. >> sean: why are you so confident? he has a great ad on. a great thing he said. murray criticized him saying he's the tool of wall street. he said you supported tarp. who is the tool? >> why do you -- i'm not confident. i'm concerned about sharon angle a little bit in nevada. >> harry read is dead in the water. >> sean: why? >> he hasn't moved since august 1. nobody likes him to start with. only thing that the second breath when. >> tacking sharon angle over social security and medicare this, group americans for new put on a full quote of sharon angle. she said she wanted him not to raise raid the lock box. he had a budget of 45 in 75
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weeks. he's dead in the water. >> sean: you've been saying anyone undecided at this late hour is going break for the party out of power. how important? what do you see in the gubernatorial races? a lot of governorships up for race. >> i think we're going to win, the republicans will win a huge number as well as state legislative chambers making a big difference for reapportionment. there is so much happening this year. i've got a movie coming out thursday, october 1 called "battle for america". it's battle for america it goes into newt gingrich and coulter going into each of the opportunities. we're going to take 20 or 30 governorships, 20 or 30 legislative chambers and we're talking not about a cycle change, but owe blit raigs of the entire generation of democratic congressmen. >> dick morris, thanks for
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being with us. appreciate. we'll be following it. five weeks and a day until election day. for latest polls and news head over to fox for more and coming up tonight a twist on a 1984 campaign ad for ronald reagan showing americans what is really at stake in this election plus bill clinton targets republican women. his offensive comments and why in saturday night live target christine o'donnell and not her bearded marxist opponent? coming up. than ever! than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia.
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>> sean: senator flip-flop says uninformed voters are to blame. >> we have an electorate that doesn't always pay attention to what is going on. so, you know people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than by the facts or the truth, what is happening. >> sean: i think the american people deserve more credit than that, senator. [ indistinct cversations ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to keep your business moving. introducing the blackberry torch. at&t. rethink possible.
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or double points. sean a new waive of campaign ads are hitting the -- >> sean: a new wave of campaign ads are hitting the airwaves. >> can you say senator instead of ma'am. i work so hard to get that title. i would appreciate it, thank you. 28 years in washington, barbara boxer works hard for a title? i'll real to work. to end the arrogance in washington. >> sean: even though president obama's job isn't on the line, a new ad takes direct april at his administration. do you remember this 1984 campaign ad that helped president ronald reagan with his reelection bid? >> >> announcer: it is morning again in america. and under the leadership of president reagan our country is prouder, stronger and
12:14 am
better. why would he ever want to return to where we were less than four short years ago. >> sean: a new spinoff of this ad isn't being so complementry of president obama. >> announcer: there's morning in america, under the leadership of president obama, our country is fading and weaker and worse off. his policies were a grand experiment. policies that failed. this november, let's choose a smaller, more caring government. one that remembers us. >> sean: joining me with reaction are the authors of this new book, "mad as hell how the tea party is remaking our two-party system." i love campaign ads. this is football time this is super bowl playoff time. i think both ads are extraordinarily effective. your reaction?
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>> yeah, my sense is the carly fiorina ad plays in the resentment against washington, arrogance, titles, a good ad. the morning in america ad, arguably is a game-changer. it sets the tone for an election the republicans are trying to nationalize. it summarizes in a soft, straightforward way people's fears about the democrats and . . and alternative course of action. >> sean: scott? >> doug is right. anything the republicans can do to nationalize the election is good for them this year. what they are trying to do is to say to voters this is a team effort it is not just your senator or your congress person. it is a team we need to you think about that beyond the borders of your district. democrats are trying to go in the opposite direction. >> sean: the president reacted to the pledge to america that the republicans released last week. he called it irresponsible. i don't see scott, any democrats running on health
12:16 am
care, cap and tax, stimulus, debt, deficits, poverty level, 1 in 7 americans. what do the democrats have except smear and be -- be smirk. ment left? >> there is an add touting the fact he helped president bush pass the medicare legislation. you see democrats trying run from the party now. in every district outside the safest of liberal democratic districts that's the only safe guy go >> democrats are running to the center. -- it is where the american people are. it is the only way they can get reelected. >> sean: how did they get there? let's say you're a strategist and telling your client you gotta run to the center. how to you jump over your vote for the stimulus? over your vote for health care? how do you jump over a 98% supportive rate of nancy pelosi, harry reid and obama? >> a lot of marginal house democrats are not 98% with the
12:17 am
president. those who have supported the president made it clear they don't like the way the stimulus is being implemented. they are doing everything in short to distance themselves from the failed administration. >> sean: can they do that scott? is it possible they can pull that off? >> in some cases, sure they will pull it off. in some cases they say you may be unhappy with some of the things that i've done but i've listened and the opponent is no more credible on these issues than i am. as you look at the overall sweep of election 2010, no this is a ref run dumb on the first two of the obama administration and the democratic congress. >> sean: one of the things that i find interesting is personal popularity remains a little higher than his approval rating or on specific issues, for example on the economy republicans do better, gennifer rick ballot they do better, national security, immigration they do better, meaning republicans over democrats. it seems to me if you are a
12:18 am
candidate you have to focus in on those specific issues if you are going to be successful, right? >> that's right that's why the democrats are running from the president. he's popular. people still have hope. we are an optimistic country. when they look at the economy, health care, national security, they give him and democrats negative ratings. politicians know they have to cut-and-run if they are in trouble. and they are indeed in trouble. >> sean: i think they are indeed in trouble. when the president was excoriated last week at this town hall meeting, i found it interesting. bill clinton said, it is good to have his supporters trash him. he said i tell him embrace people's anger, including their disappointment in you. i thought that with was a tough week for the president, profound message from bill clinton. >> it was. and i would advise the president to be in touch with bill clinton after these elections. right now i think it is going
12:19 am
to be similar for the democrats. democrats likely to hang on to the senate if the election were held today. clinton is somebody who has dealt with that. right now, doug mentioned a series of issues but it is all about the economy. everything else matters only as it feeds into the economy between now and november. >> sean: there's nothing that can happen between now and then doug that can change the narrative that their policies failed? >> i don't see anything that is going to change it other than a state by state campaign to try to hold seas like washington and california which to -- told seats like washington and california which is the difference teen republican takeover and democrats staying in control. >> sean: thank you. the liberal obamamania media is at it again. republican women its target. "saturday night live", even "saturday night live", even bill clinton took shots t t ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes.
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>> sean: when governor sarah palin entered the political scene as a vice presidential candidate she endured continuous attacks. that as we march towards the midterms republican women continue to be targeted by the left. this weekend saturday light live kicked off their new -- "saturday night live" kicked off their new season. >> i know you have to get back to delaware. >> i got three events. busy bee. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. my pleasure. >> good luck. >> thanks live from new york it's saturday night! >> sean: bill clinton went on attack targeting o'donnell and
12:24 am
linda mcmahon. >> of course they got wrestling federation lady and connecticut and witchcraft lady in delaware. >> sean: then there's the latest issue of "newsweek" magazine, the bare truth will the momma grizzlies protect america's kids? if republicans spoke about liberal women this way the mainstream media might have something to say about it. joining me fox news contributor, deneen borelli and monica crowley. we didn't even touch the surface of the "saturday night live", i think they mentioned masturbation -- >> eight million times. >> sean: eight million times. reaction? >> bill clinton making any comments about women in any context is hillard russ. he should avoid it. clinton is usually more careful and smarter especially when he's commenting about political candidates.
12:25 am
i think his comments about -- >> sean: how dare you. >> i think they were out of character. >> sean: out of character or in character? >> no, usually when he's on the campaign trail he's more careful this is why you see snl, clinton, the left going after these women, sarah palin, sharron angle, nikki haley, christine o'donnell, these women for the most part and there are some exceptions, are true conservative women. they are fiscal conservatives. they are also, for the most part, not all. most are pro-life and pregun. you know what that does to the left? that represents an existential threat to liberal im. women are the core base for the democratic party and far left. what they are seeing happening before their eyes is women peeling away from the democratic party, going republican, going conservative and actually running on that platform. >> bill clinton the womanizer
12:26 am
in chief so ironic to be making those comments i'm not surprised. what else does he have to do? clearly the progressives are scared. very concerned about conservative women coming out, powerful, with their message about liberty. i don't know if either one of you are familiar with the film, fire from the heartland. great film about conservative women from across the country of all backgrounds. i'm honored to be in that film -- >> sean: to what extent -- if i started going after hillary clinton or michelle obama or barbara boxer on their looks, their clothes, it has come up, i'll say that, to what extent has it come up more with conservative women? what is it about conservative women are tacked in a more ferocious way. -- are attacked in a more ferocious way. why? >> the double standard.
12:27 am
far left which dominates most of the media with a few exceptions, they dominate. to them, the women of ideas and again the women who are out there venting what they believe, which is far left platform, pro-choice, big spending, big government, big programs and entitlements, they are the women of ideas. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: chris coons the bearded marxist unreliable liberal sources at cnn don't fully read articles before they comment on it, i'm talking about howie kurtz. the guy admits he's a marxist why couldn't cnn take his writings read it on air and make fun of him? >> he's in their club. conservatives aren't in that club. table about double standards try being a black female conservative, i'm criticized all the time. i can't mention half the s that i'm called.
12:28 am
where is the naac -- half the names that i'm called. where is the naacp, jesse jackson, sharpton. where is,000? -- where is now? >> sean: i'm speaking objectively as a happily married man. >> of course. when you look at these women who are running, most are conservatives. they are attractive. and i think that adds an extra layer of threat. not only does the left not know what to do with these women because they are conservatives more conservative women attract women to the principles for which we stan. that means they are putting a huge, huge dent in the big democratic -- [ talking over each other ] >> we are so accustomed to conservative historically is usually white males. now we have women of all races of all backgrounds and of all
12:29 am
ages thanks goodness they are stepping forward and not afraid of being criticized and demonized. it is a great thing. >> sean: do you think if any conservative made similar comments? >> we would be pillaged. >> sean: pillaged, fired. >> whatever it takes. [ talking over each other ] >> if you made similar comments about hillary clinton or barbara murkowski -- -- it is a huge double standard. you know what, the point is the american people get it. they are smart, they see the double standard they see the hypocrisy and they are all going for these conservative women. >> sean: thank you both. one purpose politician issues a strong admonition and warning to america and our growing government. he will be here to tell us about it. >> plus, the administration embarrasses us yet again before the international community. does that mean another apology
12:30 am
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>> sean: we all know the president's fiscal policies are harming the economy. could they also be undermining our way of life? a new book is warning americans that may be the case. let's talk a look. in the midst of the economic down turn, a voice emerged across the atlantic scolding british prime minister brown
12:34 am
for leading his country to economic ruin. >> the truth prime minister is you have run out of our money. you are the devalued prime minister of a devalued government. >> reporter: now daniel hannon is issuing a stern warning to the u.s. if we don't stop the growth of government we will end up like the social welfare states of europe. a glance back reveals a disturbing trend. >> there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments. broad executive power. >> it is a crisis of confidence. >> it is time to be patriotic, time to jump in. >> understand, the scale and the scope of this plan is right. >> sean: he argues government overreach from the massive power grab of the new deal to the explosion of federal intervention issued in by president obama is making americans less free. austrian philosopher issued the same warning half a
12:35 am
century ago having witnessed the horrors of nazi germany and fascist italy. in order to achieve their ends, he wrote, the planners must create power, power over men wielded by other men of a magnitude never before known democracy is an obstacle to the suppression of freedom which the centralized direction of an economic activity requires. we didn't listen then. will we now? joining me now is the author of this new book the new road to surfdom, daniel hannon. -- hannan. i was honored to give a blush from this. this is extraordinarily well written. your love of america is inspiring to me as an american. i don't know if that makes sense to you. but, you offer a real admonition and warning to this country, why? >> well, i'm writing as a
12:36 am
british politician who loves his own country very much. but who values, as people do, something special about this country. the u.s. isn't just a nation like any other. it is the embodiment of an i deal are all involved in the success if we see the u.s. -- becoming poorer, less democratic, less free that is everyone's problem. it is not just a friend and admirer but also a citizen of the world. >> sean: you say changing america into a different society will mean forsaking the most successful constitutional model in the world. you fear we are headed down that road? >> yeah, i have some cousins in philadelphia. whenever i visit, i a little pilgrimmage to the old courthouse. when i look at the place where your constitution was designed, i feel as a british politician this was the highest incapsule of our philosophy of freedom. and it is worked -- it has
12:37 am
served to maybe this country successful, strong, free and prosperous. it did knows things because it dispersed power, recognized states rights and so on. when i see the u.s. going down this road towards federal czars, more state spending, centralization of power in the white house. yeah, it becomes less american. therefore, less prosperous and less free. >> sean: as an outside observer, you warn about how we are adopting the european model on the economy, health care, you are saying don't do this. >> i don't know if you read wells' time machine. there's a moment where a guy comes from the future running out and says don't do it you are making a terrible mistake, don't follow me think of me as that man. i've been 11 years in the european parliament. i've seen firsthand the kind of model towards which your current administration is taking. european health care, daycare,
12:38 am
social security, european health care, you are not going to like it. >> sean: i don't know if i took this personally. american journalists are forever trying to get me to be obliging about president obama not something i want to do for several reasons. as i've read that i have on many occasion tried to get to you warn america about in president's policies. but you look at from it a broader picture. >> no friend of america wants a u.s. president to fail. we all want the u.s. to be successful. so i'm offering my observations, in the spirit of constructive amity. i hope your current administration will look and learn from our mistakes. i'm not saying everything in america is good and everything in europe is bad. the about its -- the bits that
12:39 am
are failing are the bits that you are copying. >> sean: that is what this president an advocating that is the road they've chosen. you discuss this in the book that president seemingly has made a conscious decision to go down that road. i am arguing, as a conservative the only way out is to change government. through the electoral process and get a more conservative government in place. do you agree as an outsider that would be in america and the world's best interests? >> the first and most obvious point to say about your country or mine we are deeply indebted. we are indebted and we are now -- we've both about pursuing the mcgarvey option of trying to inflate away our debt. until you get sanity and order back to your public finances, everything else is secondary. we turned the corner. we elected a government that has started reducing the deficit i think your founders,
12:40 am
geniuses they were, knew what they were doing when they put congress in article i and the presidency in article ii. the legislature controls the pursestrings. it is for people as voters to select candidates who will live within their means. >> sean: amazing your deep knowledge of our founders, our framers, our first principles. you pointed out that our constitution with all its amendments has 77,200 words in european parliament, i think it is 76,000. so there is a great distinction. you found in those words the best system of governing in the last 200 years. >> right. your declaration of independence promises life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. ran tees health care, affordable housing. you can infer a lot from the documents.
12:41 am
>> sean: it is interesting. you did mention that as a young man you did travel to states. you to alabama, i think you said for no other reason, you like lynyrd skynyrd song, "sweet whom alabama" you went to new york and mugged. >> everyone has to be mugged once it was pretty feeble. i'm counting that as my mugging so i don't have to go through another one. >> sean: they say a liberal isn't a liberal until they become a conservative. >> i was here pregiuliani. >> sean: this book is a must-read letter of admonition and warning to america. new road to surfdom. i hope the american people listen interesting to see you have the statue of liberty in chains at the top of the book. in many ways we will be giving up a lot of our liberty and freedom. it is a trib pwaoult to you, thank you. >> thank you.
12:42 am
>> sean: when we come back -- when we come back, our great, american panel. pú÷÷
12:43 am
12:44 am
12:45 am
. >> sean: fox news alert. source close to ram emanuel has told the fox news channel that emanuel is likely to announce he's leaving as early
12:46 am
as friday. his decision to step down as the president's top aide will pave the way for him to explore a run for mayor of chicago where he belongs. there are also reports that upon emanuel's departure president obama is likely to name pete rousi as interim chief of staff. >> he's a former depend day assistant -- deputy assistant, bob beckel, frank donatelli. former reporter, host on fox sports host of poker after dark. leann tweeden. who has a her new husband's patch on -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: my wife never wears a patch with my name on it. >> you are not a pilot. >> sean: but i do a tv show.
12:47 am
>> don't make it, she won't wear it. nobody will wear it. >> hannity won't wear it. >> sean: dead fish is out. >> you know -- >> sean: hang on they lost the whole economic team. orszag, romer, gates, axelrod, dead fish your buddy is out they are all jumping ship before it sinks. >> if you knew anything that happens in white houses after every two years. >> sean: this is before two years. >> if i were rahm i would want to get out before november. >> he has to get some signatures. in fairness to him he has been wanting this job as mayor of chicago he told obama that before he took the job as chief of staff. i think he's going to win and i think pete rouse will do a good job as interim chief of staff. >> he will be remembered for his famous quote a crisis is a
12:48 am
terrible thing to waste. >> sean: i agree. >> certainly, the way he's leaving the white house worse than when he got there. i'm surprised, he's leaving prior to the end of the election. seems to me you owe the president that much. to at lost wait until the cycle is over. >> sean: he lost his entire economic team. gates is -- his defense secretary, chief of staff and -- >> all of them can go, i like gates he's done a good job. we are in the crisis part of afghanistan again now. emanuel, good riddance he's jumping ship and trying to get out and start swimming towards chicago. >> everyone you mentioned, gates said he would stay two years. you should keep up with these things. but that's okay. now you have a new list of people you can make fun of and you can have your own dead fish. >> sean: i'm not giving up on dead fish. >> it bet reverend wright will come in and take over that -- >> sean: it wouldn't surprise
12:49 am
me. >> i'm sure he was preaching there too. >> maybe he can be chairman of the dnc. >> sean: we had this segment earlier with deneen and monica over the targeting of christine o'donnell. could "saturday night live" have mentioned the word masturbation more times than they did this week? >> you know, what people do in entertainment is that, they entertain. i think just like with palin, people like to pick on the people that are in the news. >> sean: why always the conservative woman? >> because, that's what they like to pick on. let's face it hollywood is all democratic. they see her laying there and think it is an easy shot. >> sean: there's this draconian view of conservatives and they play into these caricatures and i think they do the job of bob beckel and the administration and i think in some cases -- >> she hasn't given us any
12:50 am
material at all, masturbation, monkeys growing into men. marxist, nothing wrong with that, is that what you are saying? >> sean: how long have you been a marxist? >> ever since i've got to know you. anybody who gets beat up on "saturday night live" it is barack obama. don't say it is about women conservatives. if you had good candidates you wouldn't have this problem. >> there's clearly a leftist slant in the news media and the entertainment induce treatment if you are conservative you have to learn to live with it. they used to make fun of reagan as being dumb and stupid. but it can be overcome is my point. she needs to run her race, run a good campaign and she won't get sunk by "saturday night live." >> sean: ronald reagan there was no alternative news outlets like fox. rush limbaugh isn't syndicate
12:51 am
until 1988. >> he dealt every did with three networks, "washington post", "new york times" and the three -- >> [ inaudible ] >> sean: you blew his nose five minutes before the show, don't take that. >> can you throw the football so we can get out of here. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. ♪ i like your messy hair
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. democrats don't have time to vote on what our tax structure is going to be come january because they don't have the courage heading into a election year. but they did have time for stephen colbert to testify last week. nancy pelosi said in is a wonderful thing. majority leader steny hoyer disagreed with nancy pelosi.
12:55 am
>> i think his testimony was not appropriate. i think it was an embarrassment for mr. colbert more than the house. >> he was called by the democratic chair. >> you asked me chris, whether the testimony was appropriate. i think it was not appropriate. >> sean: they don't have time to vote on how much the business in this country is going to be paying in taxes. >> oh god there we go. >> i agree with steny, i don't think it was appropriate. he said i think it was more embarrassing for colbert. that's what colbert does. he's a schtick guy why do we need him on capitol hill testifying -- >> sean: how about voting on -- >> i think it is embarrassing. he's got his show, do his show, do it from there. >> the idea of having celebrities testify has gotten out of hand. colbert testified in character. [ talking over each other ] >> hearings are supposed to be about listening -- eliciting
12:56 am
information to legislate not about self-aggrandizement for the commit at this time. >> sean: i got a question. -- bush tax cuts scheduled to expire going to impact a lot of people in this country. we have one of the most -- we don't know that is speculation on your part we don't know what the legislation will look like. why not have the political courage, let's vote on it, before the election bob why not? >> because the republicans are using it for a cheap shot ad saying you are going to raise taxes on everybody instead of saying only on the 3% like you or me -- [ talking over each other ] >> one of the great things, you guys keep talking cutting taxes and how it is going to bring revenue to the government. george bush cut taxes, no new jobs, no money back to the government. no anything. >> the real answer is the democrats will lose. >> sean: stop for a second. he's got the answer.
12:57 am
>> he would lose if they put up -- >> extent the bush tax cuts it would pass the house. >> i think we are gonna lose the house, i told you that i don't think we are going to lose the senate now that you've nominated that phi beta kappa from delaware. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm for masturbation and monkeys turning into human beings too, nothing wrong with that. [ talking over each other ] >> everybody needs to take it a little light. nothing is going to get done, everybody has quit, go home. campaign. >> have him speak at the white house press association dinner. but not in a formal government setting. >> sean: i agree. [ talking over each other ] >> old classic class warfare,
12:58 am
problem leann, what bob is advocating what democrats want is 80% of jobs are created by small business. that he tack those -- that top 3% that you demonize so much, they create the jobs, you define a business that makes $250,000 as rich. >> that is wrong. 69% of small businesses don't make $250,000 net. they are not the ones creating the jobs. they are upper level people some jobs get created not nearly that many. if i say so, your economics, you are a smart where your economic mind has gone, i don't know. >> i'm not an economist either but i know the economy sucks and it has been sucking under obama, that's all i know about that. >> sean: what was the average unemployment rate during the bush years? 4.5%. >> it was not. how about the 1.3 trillion he
12:59 am
inherited from clinton. >> sean: it doesn't matter what about three trillion in 21 months that obama created? >> under the president's own projections, he projects unemployment to be 9% next year. 8% when he runs for reelection. >> is that all his fault? >> which would make it the worst economic record of any president -- [ lktalking over each other ] >> leann said colbert shouldn't go up there on an important issue. when was the last time you guys thought about migrant workers? any of you. [ talking over each other ] >> you haven't. you haven't talked about migrant workers. >> sean: bob how bad are you going to lose? >> i think it is going to be closer than people think. the question is -- i think we are going to lose the house. [ talking over each other ] >> the

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